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.With(Expression<Func<TEntity entity, object>> path) returns Void


The With method created to provide eager loading is returning Void right now. I believe it should be returning IRepository<TEntity>, or at least IQueryable<TEntity>. I'm using this with the EntityFramework.
For example, the following code won't compile:
string emailAddress = ""; var person = (from person in personRepository.With(p => p.Nicknames)
                where person.Email == emailAddress
                select person).FirstOrDefault();


riteshrao wrote Feb 27, 2009 at 3:03 PM

I've fixed this in source. With will return the repository instance so you can chain the linq query while using With, like in your example above.

Sorry for the late response, for some reason CodePlex did not send me a notification that this issue was added.


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